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Vince Young: Jeff Fisher Didn't Trust Me

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I don't think any of us are shocked that Vince Young told Jim Wyatt last night that he didn't think Jeff Fisher trusted him:

I like Jeff Fisher as a person, as a coach and everything. I just didn’t feel like he trusted me."

Let me first start off by saying that Fisher did a lot of things wrong in this whole deal, but VY has to understand that trust is something that is earned.  Why in the world would Jeff Fisher trust him when he couldn't show up for a plane on time his rookie year, didn't want to go back  in a game in his second year, and was still missing or being late to meetings in his 5th year?

I truly believe that Vince had a wake-up call after the whole thing went down in 2008.  You could see a huge difference in his play when he got his chance again in game 7 of the 2009 season.  There is no way that he would have been able to make the strides that he did had he not put the time in to make adjustments to his game and study film.  Then he reportedly misses a meeting before the Steelers game and again in the week leading up to the Miami game.  He didn't stay in Nashville to get treatment on his ankle during the bye week.  I know that was something he had to do, but it would have been something that a guy who only cares about winning football games and being the best quarterback in the league would do. You think Peyton Manning is opening a steakhouse during the season?  I don't.

I wrote last night that Fisher is out of excuses now.  He is going to have to make it happen on the field in 2011.  The same goes for Young wherever he lands.  There would be any more crutch of the coaching staff doesn't trust me.  It will be all on him to prove that he can get it done as the quarterback, and if he doesn't he will have to look in the mirror.  I hope he does play well in his next stop because I really enjoyed watching him play with that fire and passion his rookie year.  It was infectious.  Somewhere along the line here he lost that.  Some of that is on Fisher, but mostly it is on him.  Now it will be up to the next team to figure out how to bring that out of him.