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2011 NFL Draft: Is Ryan Mallett A Good Pick for the Titans with the 8th Pick

Last night I suggested you put your Titan glasses on and watch Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett in the Sugar Bowl. There were a lot of good responses about him during the game in that thread. This morning I poses the question to the followers of the site on Twitter, and you too should be following the site on Twitter if you aren't already @TitansMCM, and I got a lot of solid responses.

My gut tells me that Ryan Mallett is going to have a similar pro career to Ryan Leaf. I am usually not that big of a "gut feel" guy, maybe I have been watching too much NCIS lately, but I cannot shake the feeling that Mallett is going to be a bust in the NFL. There is no doubt he has the size and arm strength to be an NFL QB, but his mobility is a huge negative and he doesn't seem to step up in clutch situations. I will stick with what I said last night, I don't like him at #8 but would like him at #40. There is no way that he makes it that far though.

Click through the jump to see what some of the people on Twitter had to say about Mallett and the Titans.


not with the 8th pick, no

Short and to the point. I agree.


Nope, he showed too many times last night that if he is under pressure, his decision making decreases..

Which would spell doom for him in the NFL.


yes I would take Mallett with the 8TH pick. Keep Fisher!

The first positive vote for Mallett.


YES!! He would be the perfect compliment births speed & cjs explosiveness. Dont think he'll still be there @ 8 though...

I am assuming he meant Britt there. He would be a good compliment to Kenny Britt for sure because he can chuck the ball down the field. Can you imagine how many yards KB would have with a guy that could actually hit him in stride 30 yards down the field?


No ! , he showed nothing last night .. No mobility whatsoever .. Draft Cam if hes available ..

I think mobility will be his biggest problem at the end of the day. Just Say No to Cam.


yes yes yes!!! Dear god yes!

I think Wilbur likes him.


Mallett has some great upsides, but yesterday exposed him under pressure. He's has stone feet and tends to rush throws.

Rock solid analysis right there.


I like Mallett. Like I said last night, he's used to his receivers dropping passes, so he'd fit right in

I laughed out loud when I read this one.


I think we should definitely take him if he's available in the 2nd, but I feel like 8th is a little high.


right now I have him going to SF @ #7 but he is looking more and more like a future bust. No athletic ability and bad accuracy.


Think #8 is too high for Mallett. He made some poor decisions last night under pressure. NFL will blitz him every other play.

This has been the common theme.


Mallett seems like another QB with baggage. Certainly not something the Titans need at this point.

I am not really sure what his baggage is, but I couldn't agree more that bringing in another QB with baggage is the worst idea ever.

I enjoyed reading everyone's responses, and I hope to do some more of this in the future.

(h/t to gramsey for the idea)