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2011 Sugar Bowl Player to Watch Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett

You can use this thread to discuss the game if you are going to be watching it tonight. As a Titans fan you should keep your eye on Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett. He is expected to enter the NFL draft and will be one of the top 5 QB prospects of the draft. Mallett is a guy that will see his stock either explode or plummet depending on how he does at the combine, in interviews and at his pro day. At this point he doesn't look worthy of the #8 pick, but a lot can change between now and then. If his draft stock does slip, he could be a good pick with the #40 pick that the Titans will have in the 2nd round.

Of course all of this is only relevant if Vince Young is not back with the Titans in 2011 which looks more and more likely as time rolls on..