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Titans Take Vince Young's Picture Down At LP Field


That is a picture of Vince Young's picture being removed from LP Field.  So I guess we can put to rest any talk that the organization is going to change it's mind, and that is a good thing.  This team needs a QB that has the mental make-up to be an NFL QB, and Vince Young doesn't.  Plain and simple.  There are some growing pains ahead, but we are going to look back on the decisions to get rid of Vince Young and Jeff Fisher and realize that is was for the best.

That picture courtesy of the 3HL, which I will say again, that you absolutely should be listening to every single day if you aren't already. They are on from noon until three everyday in Nashville on 104.5 The Zone. You can listen online at  You can also follow them on Twitter @3HL1045.