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Titans to Interview Mike Munchak, Mike Heimerdinger and Dave McGinnis

Titans scheduled to interview OL coach Mike Munchak tomorrow for their HC job -- first one. Dave McGinnis and Mike Heimerdinger also on tap,less than a minute ago via ÜberTwitter

So Schefter says that the Titans are going to talk to Munchak, Dinger and McGinnis. They are really branching out with this coaching search. I think we all need to realize that there is a 95% chance that Munch will be named the next head coach by the end of the week. At this point I will be surprised if they even talk to anybody outside of the organization. Bud Adams probably looks at that as the cheapest route considering all of the assistant coaches are already under contract, and if a new guy wants his own staff Bud would have to pay two different staffs. That won't set well with him already paying Fisher anywhere from $4-6 million.

Of course they will also have to interview a minority candidate to satisfy the Rooney Rule, and I think who they decide to interview to satisfy that requirement will be telling. If it is MCM-favorite Fred Graves, you will know that there is no doubt that the position will be filled by someone already on the staff.

(h/t to rothbard for posting this in the FanShots)