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2011 Senior Bowl Open Thread: Rosters and Game Info

The 2011 version of the Senior Bowl kicks off today at 3 PM Central and will air on the NFL Network. You can view the South roster by clicking here and the North roster by clicking here. Jake Locker is the only first round QB in this group, but the other QBs are worth watching as well. You can find a franchise QB outside of the first round, but the evaluation process is key. At this point we aren't really sure how is in charge of that for the Titans, but hopefully whoever is doing it will hit a home run.

Another guy who has really turned heads this week has been Texas A&M LB/DE Von Miller. As of right now we don't really have any idea what the Titans will look like defensively, but he could be a guy that could come in and make an immediate impact rushing the passer.

There is also plenty of late round talent in this game today. There are guys that no one has really talked about all week that will end up being guys that help teams win Super Bowls. Here is to hoping the Titans can find one or two of those guys.

I will try my best to get a recap link post on here later tonight, but I will have one by tomorrow afternoon for sure.

Discuss the game and any prospects you are interested in below.