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Tennessee Titans Jeff Fisher Exit Press Conference Recap

Well that got spicy as George Plaster likes to say. Bud Adams came on first via phone and basically just thanked Jeff Fisher for his time with the franchise. He also said there were differences that came up over the last couple of weeks. Bud didn't take any questions.

Next was Jeff Fisher. He did what he has done in press conferences for the past 14 years. He dodged any questions that asked for any details about what happened. Fisher said he was at peace with his decision and plans to take some time off. He really didn't take many questions and left.

Next was Steve Underwood and Mike Reinfeldt. This was where it got interesting. Clay Travis pushed for specifics in what happened between Fisher and management, but they still refused to go into that.

After the jump a few bullet points I took away.

  • It seems that all of the assistant coaches are under contract for next season.
  • Both Reinfeldt and Underwood stressed that they will be looking for the next long term coach of the Titans. It will not be an interim title
  • They said there is no timetable for finding a coach. They will take however long it takes to get it right.
  • Underwood said that it is still his plan to retire at the end of the season.
  • They said the plan will be to sign a veteran QB and draft a QB.
  • Underwood said that Bud does have a nepotism policy, but he is the owner so he can change his policies if he sees fit.
  • Underwood also said that Fisher is free to coach this season if he wants (h/t pinoy)

Again, there really wasn't much to this. I really expected there to be, but I am not sure why. Either way, the Fisher Era is officially over with the Titans. This weekend we will start profiling potential replacements.