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Clayton: Jeff Fisher Wanted to Add His Son to the Titans Coaching Staff

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A source told John Clayton, per Kuharksy, that Jeff Fisher had tried to add his son Brandon to the staff and that could have been what put Bud Adams over the edge. Bud has a policy again nepotism. We talked about it two years ago when Gregg Williams was in the running for the defensive coordinator position that was ultimately given to Chuck Cecil. All reports indicated that Fisher was ready to give the job to Williams, but Williams wouldn't take it unless he could have his son on the staff. Bud said no. Williams went to the Saints.

As Kuharsky points out in his post, Williams is going to be a name that is talked about for this job, but he still won't be able to bring his son with him. Will that keep him from even interviewing for the job?

I hope it doesn't because I think Williams deserves another shot as a head coach. He was bad in Buffalo, but he could be a good head coach if he hired the right offensive coordinator.