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Jeff Fisher Out with the Titans; What About Vince Young?

Earlier this offseason Bud Adams announced that the Titans would parting ways with Vince Young.  All of the reports that were out there said that Mike Reinfeldt and Steve Underwood had talked to Bud about how keeping Vince and Jeff Fisher together wasn't going to work.  They were clearly fans of Fisher, and the prevailing thought was that Fisher won the power struggle and would stay as the coach.  With the report tonight that Fisher isn't coming back, what does that mean for VY who is still on the Titans roster?

No matter how many of us here were against Jeff Fisher, trust me when I say there is a HUGE segment of the Nashville population that thinks he walks on water.  If Vince returns those people will always blame him for Fisher not being the coach, and the boos will rain down every single time he makes a mistake.  Young has shown us in the past that he can't handle that.

I assume that whoever is hired as the head coach will get some say in the Vince situation but have the bridges already been burned at this point?  Young said he never thought he had the support of the organization.  Did that mean just Fisher? 

Vince has obviously heard the reports that Reinfeldt and Underwood were against him.  I still think the Titans need to go ahead and move on without him because the damage has already been done.  The organization needs a fresh start and so does Vince.

Jonathan Hutton says Vince is still out.