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Source: Jeff Fisher and the Tennessee Titans Parting Ways

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Don Banks is reporting that the Titans and Jeff Fisher have decided to part ways. Banks says his source did not know if the parting would be called a firing, resignation or mutual decision to part ways. This makes what has already been a bizarre offseason even more bizarre. The weirdest thing about this is the timing. I can't understand why either Fisher or Bud Adams would wait this long to make the decision. Now the Titans will be looking for a head coach after the first run of coaches have already been snatched up. It also means that everything we have assumed about free agency and the draft will change because their will be a new man calling the shots.

We will obviously have much more on this tonight and in the following days.

[UPDATE]- The Titans have confirmed the story on Twitter.

(h/t to trevor for posting this earlier)