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2011 NFL Draft: Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert vs. Colorado CB Jimmy Smith

Todd McShay tweeted last night that he had just finished watching tape of Colorado CB Jimmy Smith, and that he might be the 2nd best CB available in this draft behind Patrick Peterson. That was interesting considering that the consensus second corner and top 15 pick is Prince Amukamara from Nebraska. So that got me looking for some highlights of Jimmy Smith, and I came across the one after the jump from Colorado's 2009 game against Missouri which obviously features another first round pick in Blaine Gabbert.

Obviously a small sample size, but judging from the highlight video below Smith isn't a fit for the Titans. He looks to be really good in coverage- there is a really good pick in there and some nice pass break-ups, but he didn't tackle well at all in the video. We all know how much Jeff Fisher loves for his corners to be able to tackle!

I know we have a lot of Big 12 fans out there, not really sure why, but you have seen both Amukamara and Smith play more than I have. What do you think? Is McShay crazy, or are these guys close?

Take a look at the video after the jump and let me know what you think.