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NFL Draft: The Top Safeties at the 2011 Senior Bowl

First off, if you aren’t reading National Football Post on a daily basis you should be. It one of my favorite football sites on the internet for everything from news to in-depth analysis to scouting college players. Matt Bowen of NFP has a breakdown of the top 3 safeties he has seen at the Senior Bowl. Safety is an interesting position for the Titans because they have spent three picks on the position, Nick Schommer, Robert Johnson and Myron Rolle, in the last two drafts but haven’t seen any production from the picks yet.

I will hit on this more later today when I review the defensive backs on the roster, but the Titans are in desperate need of a safety to replace Chris Hope. It was obvious to everyone besides NewsToTom that Hope was a step slow last season. The best case scenario here would be for Schommer, Johnson or Rolle to be able to step in and fill that void so the Titans can draft other positions, but we haven’t seen anything yet that says they are ready. If they are going to take a safety in this draft it needs to be a guy that can step in and play from day one. No more projects.