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NFL Draft: 2011 Senior Bowl Observations Day 2

The boys over at ESPN (In$ider) were very impressed with Von Miller today as a pass rusher:

Texas A&M LB Von Miller went down with the linemen to rush the passer in one-on-ones and was lights out. He's so quick around the corner and the blockers had no chance.

I had no doubt that he would be impressive in those types of drills, but I still think he needs to add some bulk to hold up as 4-3 defensive end.

NFL Mocks mentions that he struggled in pass coverage. I just don't think he is a guy that is a fit for the Titans. We already have enough undersized defensive lineman and linebackers that can't cover anyone.

Wes Bunting spent his time with the South squad today and seemed pretty impressed with Andy Dalton. I really want the Titans to find a QB that they think can be the franchise guy that they don't have to take at #8. Dalton could be that guy.

Bunting also talks about how impressed he was with Greg McElroy but projects him as a career back-up. I love McElroy as much as anyone, but I agree that he just doesn't have the arm to be an elite NFL QB.

Then their are the guys at Draft Insider who don't think Dalton or McElroy have the physical skills to play in the NFL.

Allen Bailey, the defensive lineman from Miami, won the weigh-in but hasn't produced yet on the football field. He is the type of guy the Titans would have been all over in the second round a couple of years ago. Hopefully last year's draft is an indication that their philosophy has changed on that front.