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Titans Rank 21st in NFL Cost Per Win

Patrick Hruby of has the list out this morning of how the NFL teams ranked in cost per win last season.  The Titans ranked 21st in the league spending $121.71 million which equals out to $20.29 million per win.  Of  course the blurb on the page is about Randy Moss who allegedly played for the Titans last season:

Claimed Randy Moss on waivers, then paid his remaining $3.4 million salary for 80 receiving yards and zero TDs.

Of course had they not added Moss, which they basically didn't, they would have spent just $19.71 per win.  Strangely enough, that still would have put them 21st, and we wouldn't have had those two weeks where we watched One Clap 1,000 times- so it was worth it in my opinion.

Top five and bottom five after the jump.


Top 5

  1. Falcons- $108.07 win total payroll, 13 wins, $8.31 million per win
  2. Buccaneers- $93.05 win total payroll, 10 wins, $9.31 million per win
  3. Steelers- $113.98 win total payroll, 12 wins, $9.5 million per win
  4. Patriots- $152.73 win total payroll, 14 wins, $10.91 million per win
  5. Bears- $120.6 win total payroll, 11 wins, $10.96 million per win

Bottom 5

32. Panthers- $107.01 win total payroll, 2 wins, $53.51 million per win
31. Broncos- $112.32 win total payroll, 4 wins, $28.08 million per win
30. Browns- $137.21 win total payroll, 5 wins, $27.44 million per win
29. Bills- $104.41 win total payroll, 4 wins, $26.1 million per win
28. Bengals- $101.36 win total payroll, 4 wins, $25.34 million per win