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Carson Palmer Wants to Be Traded; Good Fit for the Titans?

Chris Mortensen reported yesterday that Carson Palmer has demanded a trade to the Cincinnati Bengals.  As the above linked tweet says, Palmer says he is willing to retire if the team refuses to trade him.  Palmer was the #1 overall pick by the Bengals in 2003 and was lighting up the NFL before he suffered an ACL injury in a playoff game after the 2005 season.  He has played pretty well the last two season throwing 47 TDs and 33 INTs.  He has completed 61% of his passes and thrown for 7,064 yards.  Palmer was 10th in DYAR and 17th in DVOA in 2010 according to Football Outsiders.

The obvious question here from a Titans perspective is what would it take to get him?  I think Palmer is a better option than Matt Hasselbeck, Chad Pennington, Donovan McNabb or even Kerry Collins, but I wouldn't be willing to give up a whole lot to get him- probably not anything higher than a 4th.

It is a good thing for the Titans though for there to be multiple veteran QBs available via trade.  It should drive the overall price of acquiring one down if that is the direction they choose to go.

(h/t to 12th Titan for writing this fanpost about Palmer yesterday)