The Solution to our QB Quandry - Carson Palmer?

You probably just read that title and said "You're kidding me, right?". Well before you jump me and slash down the prospects of it, my response to you, "Would you rather start Kerry Collins, Chris Simms, or Rusty Smith?".

To start, I was watching NFL Countdown and just a moment ago (for it's 12:30 here on this Sunday afternoon) Mort&Shefter reported that Carson Palmer wants out of Cincinatti to the point he'd be willing to retire if he's not traded/cut. That's pretty harsh words to an organization that he's played with all his career and not sure why the sudden tension is there. But since he wants out, he's going to be available (more than likely via a trade) to teams in need of a QB. Obvious choices would be Minnesota, Arizona, Seattle (if Hasslebeck isn't back), San Fran, Miami, Washington, and Tennessee (based on the fact they need a QB). I would think he would want to go to a team that provides him long term stability, so coming to Tennessee may not be the most likely scenario based on the fact that Fisher could be gone in 2012. But the fact Fisher is a USC guy and Palmer is a USC guy, I would believe Fisher would have some intrigue in bringing him here. What would we be willing to part with to get Palmer, and more importantly, what would be Cincinatti's asking price? I say if a 3rd and 5th (or some combination of 2 picks max no higher than a 2nd rounder works) then jump on it. He's not an elite QB but certainly better than what we have at the moment.

So another question to pose: Would you prefer Palmer over Kolb if the asking price is lower for Palmer? Would you prefer McNabb over Palmer?

Certainly the Titans should have some interest in Palmer.

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