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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Championship Sunday Odds and Ends

Today is the last Sunday with multiple NFL games on for a long time. That makes me really sad. The NFC Championship Game kicks off at 2:00 central today and features the Packers @ the Bears. This should be a fun game to watch as the two teams are very familiar with each other and split the regular season series. I will be cheering for the Packers, who are favored by 3, because I want to see Aaron Rodgers in the Super Bowl.

The AFC Championship Game kicks off at 5:30 central with the Jets @ the Steelers. It is impossible for me to cheer for either of these teams. The Steelers are favored by 3, and I am picking them to win, but I will not be cheering for them.

Let me know who you got below. The open thread for the games will post at 1:45 central.