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Titans Defensive Coordinator Search: Eric Mangini Could Run a 4-3

Albert Breer of the NFL Network said this morning, as Mavrick Storm did last night, that Eric Mangini ran a 4-3 his first season with the New York Jets. I don't see any way that Jeff Fisher would want to switch to a 3-4. He has been a 4-3 guy the whole time he has been here, and I am not sure if you have ever heard anything about Jeff Fisher or not, but he isn't really all that big on change. So I don't see the Titans switching to a 3-4 even if Mangini is the guy.

Mangini's 2006 Jets defense that ran the 4-3 was 20th in the league in yards allowed, 14th against the pass, 24th against the run, and 6th in points allowed.

Last night there was a member of the New York media saying that Mangini to the Titans was a done deal, but later Jim Wyatt and Jonathan Hutton said that Mangini was in the mix but nothing was imminent. I really hope they go outside the organization, whether it is Mangini or someone else, because they need some new blood in there. I don't have anything against Dave McGinnis, but I just think they need to shake things up.