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Source: Cleveland Browns to Name Dick Jauron Defensive Coordinator

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Paul Kuharsky had thrown Dick Jauron's name out last night as a possible replacement for Chuck Cecil as the Titans defensive coordinator. Turns out that won't be happening because Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer just tweeted that Jauron is expected to be named the defensive coordinator of the Cleveland Browns.

Jauron, as Kuharsky pointed out last night, is a very good 4-3 defensive coordinator and would have been a good hire for the Titans- but it was not to be. I am of the belief that Jeff Fisher will just promote Dave McGinnins because he has experience as a DC, but I don't think that is the right move. McGinnis is currently the linebackers coach, and the linebackers were the worst unit of the 2010 Titans defense. That isn't all on McGinnis because the players he had to work with just aren't that good, but he hasn't done anything to deserve a promotion.

McGinnis also might be the choice because Fisher is going to have trouble convincing someone to leave a job they currently have to come to Tennessee for Fisher's lame duck year. David Climer suggested this morning that Fisher could just do the job himself. That seems like a terrible move because Fisher hasn't made a good call in the last few years, but if I were Fisher and my job was on the line I would want as much control over the final season as possible. We all know how much Fisher loves control.

At this point I am not really sure who else Fisher could get. Gregg Williams would be awesome, but he isn't coming here. Any thoughts?