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Todd McShay Mock Draft: Titans and Washington QB Jake Locker

Todd McShay has a mock of his own out this morning (In$ider), and he has the Titans taking Washington QB Jake Locker at #8.  Locker is going to be an interesting guy to watch in all of this.  McShay was really high on Locker last year, but his stock really took a hit as the season went on.  I think Locker is a project at best and not worthy of the #8 pick.  One of the things that has proven to project success for NFL QBs is there completion percentage in college, and Locker's was 55% for his career and only 58% this year- not exactly lighting it up.

Here is what McShay had to say about the pick:

Gabbert is the only quarterback in this class worthy of a top-10 grade. This is a reach for the Titans, but with the departure of Vince Young they need to find a long-term answer under center. Locker has some accuracy issues but his intangibles and work ethic are assets.

I think we all agree that the Titans would be better served to wait and take a QB with some value in the second round instead of reaching for a QB with the 8th pick.