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NFL Offering $200 Tickets to Stand Outside Super Bowl Stadium

Talk about the deal of a lifetime!!11  The NFL announced yesterday that for the low, low price of $200 you can buy a ticket to stand outside of the stadium and watch the Super Bowl on HD TVs.  Here is an excerpt from the NFL release:

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said Wednesday the plaza plan was a first for the Super Bowl, as was the league's intention to sell 350 standing-room-only tickets, presumably for areas on staircases with good views of the field.

"We have never done this before in part because other host stadiums did not have the structure in place," McCarthy wrote in an e-mail. "Fans without tickets were not permitted on stadium grounds."

Another ridiculous piece of this puzzle is that the people that are watching the game outside of the stadium will count toward the attendance number of the game in an effort to break the all-time Super Bowl attendance record of 103,985 at the Rose Bowl in 1980.  It makes a lot of sense that people outside the stadium count.  Why not just pack the parking lots outside the stadium and get 200,000?