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2011 NFL Draft: The Titans and CB Prince Amukamara

Our friends over at Mocking the Draft did their 2nd mock draft of this NFL Draft season yesterday, and they had an interesting pick for the Titans:

Prince Amukamara | Cornerback | Nebraska: It's hard to imagine Tennessee taking Cam Newton, simply because he's such a project. I expect the Titans to go after a veteran quarterback, which would help head coach Jeff Fisher win now. If they do that, adding a player like Amukamara would give Tennessee the No. 1 corner that Corteland Cortland Finnegan isn't.

While they don't know how to spell his name, they are right that Finny didn't play like a #1 corner in 2010.  However, I really can't see them taking a corner with the 8th pick.  Besides Finnegan they have our boy Alterraun Verner, who played really well in his rookie season, and Jason McCourty who showed a ton of improvement from year 1 to year 2.  The Titans just have too many needs to pull the trigger on a corner not named Patrick Peterson with this pick.