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2011 NFL Draft: Titans and Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert

Yesterday morning we looked at SB Nation's mock draft that had the Titans taking Cam Newton.  Today we look at Pro Prospect's mock that has the Titans taking Blaine Gabbert.  Here is their commentary on the pick:

Missouri QB, Blaine Gabbert – ....With the emergence of Kenny Britt and Jared Cook, and one of the top five rushers in the NFL, the Titans are not far off from being a top 15 offense. I look for the Titans to go quarterback here. They are in a perfect position to get one of the top four quarterbacks that are slated for the first round. Right now, Blaine Gabbert is the number one rated quarterback on the board, and the Titans jump on it. Gabbert displays a strong arm, poise in the pocket, and accuracy. He should be able to come in and solidify the most important position on the field.
Now if the line that says "Gabbert displays a strong arm, poise in the pocket, and accuracy" is true I am all for this pick.  The thing that concerns me about him is that he comes from a spread offense where he never took snaps from under center.  I know that isn't something that cannot be corrected, but the process of getting him comfortable taking snaps under center takes time and work, and that could be something that is limited if there is a lockout this offseason.

I am reserving judgement on Gabbert until I see how he performs at the combine.

Click through the jump for some highlights.