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NFL Lockout 2011: My Thoughts on Let Us Play Day

Is anyone else sick of hearing about the owners/players issues in the media? Why not use that energy to reach a deal?less than a minute ago via Digsby

I wrote that last Thursday on Twitter after receiving about my 10th email about #LETUSPLAYDAY.  I am really, really sick of hearing Kevin Mawae on the radio, and reading emails from Roger Goodell about the issues surrounding the looming lockout.  I have a better idea for both parties; Why don't you stop fighting this fight in the media and lock yourselves in a room and not come out until you have reached an agreement?  That seems like a better use of your time than trying to sway the public to your side with silly campaigns.

The NFL owners and players would be wise to do a little research to what happened to Major League Baseball after they missed games in 1994.  It took steroids to get them back on the map.  I really doubt that either side wants to go through something like that especially when you consider that right now both sides are making a katrillion dollars.  I know that there are important issues on both sides, but at the end of the day the only people that are getting hurt by a work stoppage is the fans, so I will not be participating in any of the propaganda that either side is putting out there.  The only thing I support is a resolution that keeps this thing moving forward with the momentum that it currently has.

MJD over at Shut Down Corner wrote a great post about this today as well.