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2011 NFL Draft: The Titans and Auburn QB Cam Newton

Brian Galliford of Buffalo Rumblings and SB Nation NFL has an updated mock draft out today, and he has the Titans taking Cam Newton:

8. Tennessee Titans (6-10): Cam Newton, QB, Auburn. First thing's first: Cam Newton is not - repeat, not - Vince Young. He's a different man and a (slightly) different type of player, and he'd also be the perfect compromise between Bud Adams and Jeff Fisher - an elite quarterback prospect on a team that has successfully tailored its offense to a unique passing talent in the past.

Newton might not be VY, but I still don't see any shot the Titans are going to take him.  My money is on them adding a veteran QB and drafting defense.  There is a decent shot that Matt Hasselbeck will be available.  He is a guy that looks like he still has something left in the tank.  I could get on board with that move.