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Music City Miracles Hall Of Fame Class of 2010

As we begin the new year, we are continuing to induct the newest members of the Music City Miracles Hall Of Fame. We have already inducted Big Bad Bulluck, stetix01, SouthTexasTitan, BonzosMontreaux and danielreese05, so without further ado, the sixth and final Member of the Class of 2010 is....




We follow up the induction of the MCM HOF's youngest member with our "most experienced." titansfan4ever has been a member of Music City Miracles since October 9th, 2009.  At publish time, titansfan4ever has made 2,764 comments on SB Nation, 2,206 of those coming right here at MCM. titansfan4ever has also shared 7 fanposts with our community.


titansfan4ever's first Music City Miracles action came after a game that we would all like to forget: The Boston Massacre. We learned shortly afterward that Mr Adams had called our coach to Houston for a little one on one, and naturally fan tensions were evident in most every post we had at MCM. titansfan4ever reminded us that we should never give up on supporting our favorite team:


To all "so called" Titan fans

Unless you bleed Columbia blue, please do us a favor and go jump on another team’s bandwagon. We need to support our team (especially now!!), not tear them down and talk of firing everyone.

 That was also the thread where you will find gramsey712 continue his mancrush on Jimmy Clausen. Oh the memories....

titansfan4ever has also shared several original fanposts with us, including his take on It's a Wonderful Life. Check it out.

Random facts about titansfan4ever(may or may not be true)

  • titansfan4ever has assured us that he will continue to post at MCM when his son is pitching for the Braves
  • Braves' pitcher autographs for everyone!
  • titansfan4ever keeps promising that he is going to get his son posting at MCM...thereby being the first multi-generational family posting in our community. Make some history tf4e!

So join me in congratulating titansfan4ever on his induction into the Music City Miracles Hall Of Fame as a Member of the Class of 2010!

Speech! Speech!