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2011 NFL Draft: Cam Newton Leaving Auburn

Cam Newton, in a shocker(!), announced last night that he will skip his senior season at Auburn and enter the 2011 NFL Draft.  Everyone knew there was no way Newton was going to go back to Auburn after all of the drama that surrounded him this season, and his draft stock is already as high as it can get after the numbers he put up this season.  So entering the draft was the only choice Cam really had.

Newton will be one of those guys that is all over the map.  Some teams will love him and give him a high first round grade.  Other teams probably won't have him on the board at all. Cam could end up being a good NFL player, and I would take him over Ryan Mallett if I had to chose between the two, but Newton is at best a 2-3 year project.  I don't see that being a road the Titans want to go down at this point.

We will have a much more in-depth look at the quarterback available in this draft as we get closer to the actual draft, but for now you should click on these three links:

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