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Music City Miracles Mock Draft 2011 Preview

As we turn our attention toward the 2011 NFL Draft, it's time to begin prepping for what is one of Music City Miracles' most popular yearly events, the Music City Miracles Mock Draft.

We are getting an early jump this year, and need some input from MCMers on how we should conduct this year's draft. Last year, we waited until late in the draft season, well after the Combine. Our question is whether or not we should go ahead and conduct our draft and then do a post-combine re-evaluation (re-draft if needed), or if we should wait until after the draft to do our mock. Vote in the poll...give us some feedback in the comments. The poll will stay open for a week.

Also, this is not a "choose your team" post. After our fiasco last year, we will have one choose your team post a week or so before we begin. I will announce the exact time of the selection post well in advance so that you can set your alarms and put it on your calendars. It will be first person to choose the specific team in the comments of that post who will be drafting for that team.

The 2011 Combine concludes on March 1st.

The 2011 NFL Draft is Thursday April 28th-Saturday April 30th.

UPDATE: If you are new to MCM and weren't around for last year's mock, check out the history here, or by clicking on "MCM Mock Draft" up at the top.