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2011 NFL Draft: The Titans, Mel Kiper and Da'Quan Bowers

One of the mock drafts that I look at a lot is the Draft Tek simulated mock draft.  They have an interesting way of going about their mock (read about it here), and it is cool because they are constantly updating it as the draft goes along based on who actually gets picked. 

Anyway, their latest simulation has the Titans taking Da'Quan Bowers with the 8th pick.  I don't think that will happen for a few reasons:

1. Defensive end will probably be pretty far down the list of needs the Titans are looking to address in this draft.  They are actually pretty set at the position assuming they can re-sign Jason Babin and Derrick Morgan comes back like he should from his ACL injury.  Jacob Ford is also a restricted free agent, and I would assume they bring him back.

2. I don't see any shot that Bowers falls to #8.  Mel Kiper currently has him at #1 on his big board (In$ider), and teams always fall in love with a guy with the size and speed that Bowers is sure to show at the NFL Combine.

Usually I am all about taking the best available player, but I am not sure that I could get on board with Bowers with this pick.  The Titans have so many needs on defense, and adding another pass rusher at the defensive end position isn't really one of them.  You can never have enough pass rushers, but if the Titans can't cover the middle of the field any better than they did last year a pass rusher really doesn't mater.

So I present the question to you, would you be happy if Bowers fell to #8 and the Titans picked him?