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Players to watch tonight: BCS National Championship Edition

Top 3 prospects from Auburn:

Nick Fairely
He's 6'4" and 300 lbs of pure beast. Fairley has been the absolute leader of the Auburn defense in terms of talent and production, and he plays with a nasty streak that Jeff Fisher will love. He's a JuCo transfer from 2008, but has made strides in terms of technique and conditioning consistently throughout his college career: he began college as a JuCo redshirt, but ended it by winning the Lombardi Award for best lineman or linebacker in college football and playing in the national championship game.

Cam Newton
Clay Travis once said that the Titans wouldn't pick Newton because he's from the same basic mold as Vince Young. The idea goes that when a guy gets burned by a girl he tends to run to the polar opposite. I don't know if that's how the Titans' front office feels, but I have to agree on a level that's completely divorced from logic. VY's faults weren't on the field, they were off of it. We have no idea what kind guy Cam is, but I'll guarantee you 80% of Titans fans would rather have a drop back passer right now. Further helping his case for not being drafted by the Titans: he's not from Texas.

Lee Ziemba
Zeimba is a senior tackle with who brings a lot to the table. He was voted to Freshman All-American lists by College Football News, The Sporting News, and He won the Jacobs Blocking Trophy for being the SEC's best blocker this year. After the first snap in this game he'll have set a new school record with 52 consecutive starts. He's well-rounded, though he's a better pass blocker by most accounts. Zeimba is currently the no. 10 tackle prospect according to ESPN and Scouts Inc., but I bet you he's a lot higher than that on draft day.

Top 3 prospects from Oregon:

LaMichael James
James is the only really viable NFL prospect on this Ducks team, but he may be all you really need. He's around CJ's size, and runs with a lot of the same skills. He's not going to be polished as a blocker or receiver, but he's got an undeniable knack for running that can't be taught or bought.

Casey Matthews
He doesn't grade out as much of anything at the next level, but his bloodline (yes, he's one of THOSE Matthews') will get him a shot at the NFL, and it could very well be in training camp here next year.