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Week 4 NFL Power Rankings : The "Maybe Last Week Was A Fluke" Edition.

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After the jump is a roundup of where the Titans are ranked in various power rankings around the internet for Week 4. Our average spot is around 10.

This Week Last Week Commentary
Yahoo! Sports 11 11 Is Kenny Britt(notes) ready to step up and become a legitimate No. 1 receiver?
ESPN 13 15 Michael Griffin and defense playing like it's 2008. (Kuharsky) 6 9 Smashmouth football, baby. 16 19 Nothing flashy in the win over the Giants—just physical football that we are used to seeing from the Titans.
Sporting News 10 10 They are that dangerous floater no one wants to play. That's what happens when you have a top coach, the game's best running back and a swarming defense.
USA Today 16 16 --
CBS Sports 14 16 They found a way against the Giants, even though they were outplayed in a lot of areas. That's the Titans way. Chris Johnson continues to carry the offense.
SB Nation 15 18 Good win for the Titans. Chris Johnson has had two big rushing days in both victories so it's clear what the key is in Tennessee.
Fox Sports 3 18 Some may think this ranking is a bit high, but this is one of the NFL's most underrated teams, and a team that few are talking about. They have an excellent defense and the league's best running game. 
ProFootballWeekly 13 18 They win ugly better than almost any team. -- 16 These Titans are a chippy bunch, aren't they? That Cortland Finnegan can mix it up with the best of them. Tennessee went into the Meadowlands and got the Giants all riled up and off their game in no time last Sunday. But the Titans are back to playing some solid defense, with that unit giving up just three touchdowns in three games and holding opponents to a league-best 16.7 touchdown percentage in the red zone. 10 14 Vince Young reacted well to a benching the week before, playing well in a Titans win over the Giants. At 2-1, Tennessee is right in the middle of what should be an interesting AFC South race. Their defense might give them an edge in the end
ProFootballTalk 5 9 It became easier for the Titans to rebound from the butt-kicking they took against the Steelers once the Titans realized that most teams will take a butt-kicking from the Steelers this year.  
What if Sports 7 11 --