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Titans 29 Giants 10 Quick Recap

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Nice team bounce back effort there.  Overall it was an ugly game, but 2-1 is all that matters. 

A few quick thoughts:

  • Hello Kenny Britt.  He made two really tough catches today.  That is why he was taken in the first round.  Him being good gives the offense a whole new dimension- if the coaches decide it is ok to throw the ball.
  • Pretty obvious again today that the coaches don't trust Vince Young.  He only threw the ball four times in the first half, all the while it looks like they are trying to get Chris Johnson killed out there.  He looked like he didn't have that normal second gear on the 42-yard run in the 4th quarter.  How many times do we see him get caught there?
  • The defense gave up a bunch of yards today, but they forced turnovers when it really mattered.  That is the type of defense that will win championships.  Only giving up 10 points to that offense is something to hang your hat on.
  • Tom Coughlin is supposed to be a disciplinarian.  He sure looked like he had lost control of his team today.  It was good to see the Titans, for the most part, keep their heads in those situations. 

Never an easy thing to win on the road, especially in New York, so this is a really good win for this team.  Leave any reactions you have below.  Join us for MCM Radio tonight at 9.