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Tennessee Titans @ New York Giants : 5 Keys to Victory

1. Protect the football. Last week showed us how important this one is. As we all know by now, last  was absolutely unacceptable, and that can never happen again. The Giants are tied for the second most takeaways in the league with six, and the Titans have the most giveaways in the league with eight, so ball security is as important this week as it was last week. We will have to be more cautious to have a chance.

2. Run, run, run. The Giants have allowed the seventh most rushing yards in the NFL in the first two games. Everyone knows that Chris Johnson gives this team the best chance to win, so we better be seeing a lot of him tomorrow. He was shut down the Steelers' defense, but that defense is not just any defense. Every time Vince Young has played a full game, Chris Johnson has had 100 yards rushing. Though CJ doesn't have his 100 yard streak still going, in 13 of the last 14 games he has reached the century mark, still very impressive.

3. Pressure Manning. Eli Manning has been sacked five times in two games, the sixth most in the NFL, and the Titans have ten sacks in two games, the second most in the league. It would be a good idea to pressure Manning all game and force the Giants to run the ball instead of passing it to their great receivers. William Hayes will be playing for the first time this season after his preseason injury, but Jacob Ford will be out after injuring his knee last week.

4. Shut down the receivers. The Giants have the best receiving core that we have faced to this point including Mario Manningham, Steve Smith, and Hakeem Nicks, , so that will be a challenge for the Titans' secondary. Our secondary has faced admirably so far, but this week will be a better meter. If Finnegan and McCourty can keep the receivers in check, we will be good to go.

5. Good coaching. Last week the Titans were horrible coached in all facets of the game besides defense. The gameplan needs to be better this week to have a chance to win. And please, no more quarterback changes if it's a two posession game.