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Week 3 NFL Power Rankings : The "Just a Speedbump" Edition.

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After the jump is a  roundup of where the Titans are ranked in various power rankings around the internet for Week 3. Our average spot is around 15.

This Week Last Week Commentary
Yahoo! Sports 11 6 Who was more messed up – Vince Chase in the "Entourage" season finale, or Vince Young in the Steelers game?
ESPN 15 9 Invisible offense had seven turnovers against the Steelers (Kuharsky) 9 6 Steelers have their number. Vince Young has been resilient before. 19 17 Vince Young got the hook from Jeff Fisher and RB Chris Johnson looked average against the Steelers.
Sporting News 10 6 They did their best to grind out an ugly one against the similarly built Steelers. That's a tough loss to follow up with their first road trip.
USA Today 16 12 --
CBS Sports 16 15 Vince Young is good for a clunker every other game. If he has another, there will be a situation for Jeff Fisher to handle.
SB Nation 18 17 Where would this team be without Chris Johnson? He was shut down on Sunday but watching the quarterbacks try to move the ball (and seeing one of them get benched) reminded me how important this guy is to the team.
Fox Sports 18 12 While QB Vince Young had a bad game against the Steelers, head coach Jeff Fisher must stick by him. It's only one game. When is the last time any team did well offensively against a healthy Steeler defense? However, it won't get any easier for Young this week on the road against the Giants.
ProFootballWeekly 18 15 Vince Young: Not a performance befitting of Heisman wanna-be. 16 13 Maybe it was just a really sloppy day against a superb, attacking defense, but the Titans and Vince Young looked like they weren't ready for what Pittsburgh threw at them last Sunday. That's why this week's game at the Giants is an interesting one for Tennessee, because New York clearly wasn't ready for what the Colts had in store Sunday night. Somebody's got to win and get their mojo back. 14 8 ot much went right for Tennessee against Pittsburgh. The Titans turned the ball over like crazy, Chris Johnson was shut down, and the Steelers beat them without scoring an offensive touchdown. Chalk it up to "one of those days," or maybe look at it as a bad sign. Either way, Tennessee is far from finished.
ProFootballTalk 9 8 Apparently, "benching" now appears in Roget's Thesaurus under the word "rescue."  
What if Sports 11 11 --