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Keith Bulluck Is Not Surprised Vince Young Was Benched

You can always count on Keith Bulluck to speak his mind.  He had a conference call with the Nashville media today and said he wasn't surprised that Vince Young was benched on Sunday according to Jim Wyatt:

"They are 1–1, right?,’’ Bulluck responded when asked if he was surprised by Young’s benching. "We were 0–6 last year and we were getting out (butt) kicked in New England and the quarterback didn’t get benched. But I wouldn’t say I’m surprised. That’s just how they do things down there, man.

He also weighed in on the reports that there was contact from the organization this offseason according to John Glennon:

"You know what, honestly that’s B.S."

He went on to say:

"....When people from Tennessee were calling me and telling me the things that were being said, you know, things said by the organization and what-not about my situation and going to New York, that kind of bothered me a little bit, that they would say that I was trying to get out. Like how can I be going anywhere if I have a torn ACL? I’m not much value to anyone, but it is what it is."

It is going to be strange seeing him on the other side Sunday.