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Week 2 - Steelers

This is the shirt that Mr. Adams gave us. Talks about decisions having implications on our future!
This is the shirt that Mr. Adams gave us. Talks about decisions having implications on our future!

Dear MCM fans,

This weekend was a very tough weekend for the Titans Nation. We lost to a very good team that we still had the capabilities of beating. We basically beat ourselves starting from the opening kickoff to the last pass Chris Johnson caught. I believe that through losses, you gain lessons, and from those lessons, you gain growth, and from growth, you find yourself becoming a better person/player. So that is the formula we will use this week in preparation for our next game.

Like I said the previous week it was pretty sweet going against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Two historic teams and I knew it was going to be a war between the sidelines. It was a very physical game, which I took my share of punishment, which is the bare essence of football, so that made me so excited to go out there and show my stuff. Once again I contributed mostly on special teams. I was in a "track meet" the whole game, avoiding double teams and trying to make tackles. I showed improvements from last week and that is all I can ask for myself. So I was somewhat pleased with my performance. The loss outweighs any of that good, because I dislike losing due to my highly competitive nature.

There were some bright spots in the game. Defense played extraordinary considering what we went against. Felt like the Steelers played real conservative once they got their lead. So as a defense we know that we have to play much better still when teams decide to open up on us. Secondary continues to be impressive to me and I learn every day/game from those guys. I felt Chris Johnson ran hard and special teams, and although inconsistent, had some good things also. So there were things we could definitely build on and gather to finally try to achieve another complete effort game on all phases.

Personally, I have been getting adjusted well to Nashville. Still having to take care of little things here and there due to very tight work hours. Getting my apartment together still and handling important documents. Most of this stuff is fairly new to me since my family pretty much spoiled me in California and took care of a lot of my stuff. But it is all good stuff that I need to learn. Especially when it comes to cooking. Which makes me say that I truly do miss my family and friends. The times that I just sit to myself I realize it. So those are bitter times for me, but we all know that it is for a good cause.

But this is a new week, Week 3 against the NY Giants. I have been waiting to play them. Another Super Bowl champion team. A very good opponent once again. So we will have our hands full, but we will be up for the task. I can’t believe we are already on the third game. This season is already going by so fast to me. But I am enjoying every moment of it. Wish us/me luck for this week as we try to come back home with a win and get to 2-1!

God Bless everyone


Alterraun Verner #20