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More Reasons Vince Young Shouldn't Have Been Benched

Superhorn's observations from week two (first posted here):

Quarterbacks that turned the ball over 3 or more times and weren’t benched:
Joe Flacco
David Garrard
Brett Favre
Matt Hasselbeck
Tom Brady

Quarterbacks that posted a worse QB rating than Vince and weren’t benched:
Joe Flacco
Brett Favre
Derek Anderson
Matt Cassel
Trent Edwards

So what's the lesson to take away from this? BAD GAMES HAPPEN TO EVERY QUARTERBACK IN THE NFL. This issue will not go away overnight, even if it doesn't hinder on Vince's play moving forward. It's not about making Vince feel good or bad, but giving our team the best chance to win games. Keeping Vince in there is the best chance we have to be successful this year and in years to come.