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Quick Thoughts After The Final Titans Preseason Game of 2010

Here were a few things that jumped out at me tonight:

• Nice to see Vince Young get a TD pass, nice to see Brown back out there and nice to see Javon Ringer have a huge night. No matter what happens at the bottom of the RB depth chart (see below), we're in damned good position with the one and two.

• MCM can not confirm reports that Metro Police are actively searching for the real Kenny Britt. I mean how far away are we from calling Britt 'mercurial'? He's had about the worst preseason of any healthy player I can think of, and that's a big knock to the offense.

• If Britt can't get his head straight, I fully endorse putting Jared Cook in the slot. All preseason, when he's gotten the reps, Cook has looked like what we thought we were getting coming out of training camp last year.

• You have to find a spot for LeGarrette Blount on the 53-man roster. He's raw, and he has  lot to learn, but Blount brings more to the table as a runner than Pearman or Gado. If pass blocking is the issue, then they can stick Hall back there in emergency situations for all I care.

Myron Rolle, maybe not so much. I hope they find a way to keep him, or that he passes waivers and makes the practice squad, but he looked bad tonight. The big pass that lead to the Roby TD largely happened because he bit viciously on that play-fake, which left Schommer to cover everything deep.

• This defensive line from top to bottom is the best we've ever had in Nashville. Book it. If they stay healthy, and the secondary can cover for just a few seconds, they'll make life hell for every team we face.

• The deep pass from Rusty Smith was what we saw in practices from the rookie, so it's great to see him put that arm to better use in a game-like situation.

Marc Mariani is a lock as the returner, and he's showing a lot as a WR. Right now, he's ahead of Damian Williams in my book, though they're both going to be Titans come Sunday.

Mike Otto needs to get healthy, fast.

Be sure to check back tomorrow morning for links, commentary and the Friday Jam!