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Steelers 19 Titans 11: Jeff Fisher Benches Vince Young

So here we go again.  I am going to keep this relatively short for now, but this will obvioulsy be the topic of the next week.  Jeff Fisher is an idiot.  At this point it has to be something personal for Fisher.  He just took the chance of losing Vince Young, and in effect the entire Titans season in a game where the Titans were down by 10 points with a full quarter left to play.  Bud Adams should have had someone come down on the field and take Fisher's headset away as soon as Kerry Collins ran on the field.

And how smart is Kerry Collins?  He checked down to Chris Johnson with 13 seconds left and no timeouts.  I am sure after the game Fisher will say that Vince is still his quarterback, and that Vince will say all of the right things, but you better believe that the relationship is even more strained now than it already was.  This was a short-sighted decision by Fisher that didn't even pay off in the short term.  What it will do in the long term is yet to be seen.  Hopefully the more mature Vince Young that we have been hearing about will be able to overcome it because if not this team is going nowhere- and that will be on Fisher.  It is time for him to be done with this organization.

We will have MCM Radio tonight at 9:30.  Stay tuned for a link.