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Comcast NFL RedZone Freeview This Weekend

Comcast is offering a free preview of their NFL RedZone channel this Sunday.

Click through the jump for the details.

 o   Catch a Freeview of NFL RedZone to see every touchdown from every NFL game this Sunday afternoon (9/19)!
o   6+ hours of commercial-free coverage
o   See all the key moments, thrilling plays, and goal-line stands from around the league
o   A fantasy football player’s best friend because you get to see all of your guys when they get close to scoring.
o   To see every touchdown from every NFL game, every Sunday afternoon for the rest of the season, consumers can get NFL RedZone with Comcast for just 5.00 in Nashville.  The channel in Nashville is 274 for SD and 184 for HD.
o   Click here for more details.
o   Call 1-800-COMCAST and visit Comcast for more information.