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Week 2 NFL Power Rankings - The "So Far So Good" Edition

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After the jump is a  roundup of where the Titans are ranked in various power rankings around the internet. Our average spot is around 11. What do you think about the new format? 

This Week Last Week Commentary
Yahoo! Sports 6 -- If I’d told you a year ago that Vince Young would be the league’s top-rated passer after Week 1 of the 2010 season, would you have assumed I was talking about the UFL?
ESPN 9 16 Vince Young will face stiffer challenge against Steelers. (Kuharsky) 6 -- Can copy that Texans blueprint to pound the Colts similarly when need be. AFC South is gonna be a brawl. 17 18 When Vince Young is efficient in the passing game, the Titans can control the clock and the game.
Sporting News 6 8 QB Vince Young and RB Chris Johnson have the offense rolling, and the defense looks back to form.
USA Today 12 18 --
CBS Sports 15 19 Chris Johnson picked right up where he left off last season. Vince Young also had a decent opener. The young defensive front got after the quarterback, which is a good sign.
SB Nation 17 19 They don't gain many points by beating our lowest ranked team, the Oakland Raiders, but an efficient performance from Vince Young plus CJ2K gets them some points. They'll be competitive throughout the year as long as Chris Johnson continues to perform like he has the last 17 games.
Fox Sports 12 16 It's amazing how a team can bottle up Chris Johnson for a quarter, but all it takes is one big run to destroy the confidence of a defense. I would imagine the NFL's best running back will face a tougher test against the usually tough Steelers run defense this week.
ProFootballWeekly 15 -- Chris Johnson still on pace for more than 2,000 yards. Phew. 13 15 There will be no 0-6 start in Tennessee this season, and I probably should have the Titans higher than this after their 25-point demolition of Oakland. But let's see what that Tennessee defense can do this week at home against the Steelers. 8 13 Both the Titans offense and defense dominated in the rout of the Raiders. Ho hum, Chris Johnson gets yet another long TD for 76 yards. Are the Titans back, or is it that they just played the Raiders at home? --SS
ProFootballTalk 8 17 Why do we have a feeling that the team that used to play in Houston is on a collision course with the team that currently plays there?
What if Sports 11 10 --
MMQB 4 -- I don't know if the Titans can keep it up, but I will make this prediction: Albert Haynesworth will play for Tennessee by the trading deadline.