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NFL Kickoff Weekend!

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Dear MCM fans,

The regular season has officially begun.

Before I start I want to send my condolences to my big bro Will Witherspoon. He is the ultimate trooper to battle through his ordeal and still play in this game. He is a true team player and he made that great sack which we needed in that situation. I would like everyone to continue to pray for him, as he will stay strong because that is the type of person he is.

I am so happy to have gotten through all the preseason games and cuts to actually make it to the final roster. Most might think it was automatic, but nothing is ever guaranteed in this business and I am truly counting my blessings. So I am happy to be a part of this team and now it is time to put it on the line every week to make it not only to the playoffs, but also to the Super Bowl!

First off, I feel obligated to address the much-heralded competition between all of us corners for the open spot. I do not know if Jason is now the official official guy or anything but he did start this last game. He did a great job in the game in coverage and run support. He definitely was very deserving of the spot and proved it by his play. It definitely was hard to sit there and not be able to go in at corner in the game. I wanted to play so bad. But it is the nature of the business and the guys out there were playing great. So I have no hard feelings or remorse towards anyone. I look to it as an opportunity to improve my craft and maybe one day get another chance at it.

Speaking of the play Saturday, Did the Titans dominate or what. In all phases!!!!

I mean I can go on and highlight many for the performances but I have to say special shout outs to Michael Griffin and Chris Johnson. Their performances all were impressive to me for different reasons. Griff got robbed on his touchdown, but he made plays everywhere. Chris Hope also had a nice interception too. The offense was unbelievable as a while, but Chris Johnson was being Chris Johnson again by demonstrating his speed and play making ability.

While my role in the game was pretty limited to coverage teams, I had so much fun. Flying around and trying to get to the ball first before everyone else. I thought I could have made a few more plays out there, but I will learn and make those in the following weeks. I was only disappointed with me missing a tackle on McFadden in a crucial situation on one of my few opportunities on defense. So I can’t allow that to happen again, so in practice I will focus on taking better angles. But overall I thought I was solid and definitely enjoyed myself out there!

This week we got the Steelers and this is a team I have liked growing up in the ranks. So it will be fun playing them! It will be a physical game that both defenses will try and control. It is another game we can send a statement with. I will be putting in the hours to help us get this win this week, but I am definitely looking forward to another opportunity to go out there and fly around again!

I believe we have something special this year and it is something I have said since the beginning and we can only get better. So Stay tuned and enjoy the show. Because there will be plenty of excitement this week against the Steelers!


Alterraun Verner #20