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Bullet the Blue Guys: Things I Think About The Tennessee Titans After Win #1

Sure hands... we got 'em for now.
Sure hands... we got 'em for now.

• Outside of the fumble, which may be the last big hole in his game, Vince Young had a sterling performance this afternoon. His mechanics were a lot more consistent, he made great reads most of the time (he could've hit Britt deep on a 3rd down pass that was complete to Washington, but do we really trust Britt to be a 3rd down target right now?), and he has really learned when to run and when to throw it away in the NFL. Vince Young is now a top 10 NFL QB in my book. Major props to the WRs, who carried their sure hands through from the preseason.

• I heart Jason Jones. That is all.

• Chris Johnson struggled early behind an uneven performance from the offensive line, but they all seemed to get into rhythm as the game wore on. This is probably the product of personnel changes colliding with CJ missing so much time in the off-season and reduced reps in the preseason. Between he and Ringer, our running game is still an elite weapon.

Michael Roos really struggled early on. He got killed on the sack that resulted in the lost fumble, and really struggled to get momentum into his blocks in the run game. He seemed to settle in early on, so hopefully it's just him adjusting to live bullets because we need Roos to be the dominate pass-blocking LT, and solid run blocker, he's been for the past few years.

• Welcome back to the mix Chris Hope and Michael Griffin. Before the game was out of hand and the intensity fell of a cliff, Griff and Hope were flying around making life hell on the offense. I know it's not like putting up a dominating performance against the Patriots or Saints offense, but it was still a damned good thing to see.

• The Raiders offense looked a hot mess. That was an embarrassing offensive line performance in every way. Still, Darren McFadden had a good day, and that's about it. He's got some serious skills in the open field and they did a good job hitting him as a receiver out of the backfield. I'd expect Will Witherspoon to help us boost those coverages once he's back to full speed and gets more comfortable in our scheme.