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Tennessee Titans 38 Oakland Raiders 13: Quick Reaction

Always good to start the season off with a win, especially after the 0-6 start last season.  I think the best sign of all is the way the defensive line played.  The Raiders offensive line isn't very good, but it was still good to see them get pressure all day long.  I am excited about what this unit is going to be able to do.

Also good to see Chris Johnson and Vince Young pick up where they left off.  CJ had his typical day of a few bad carries, a few pretty good carries and one home run.  Vince looked poised and came back well after the early fumble.  Nate Washington caught the ball today.  This offense has the chance to be really good.

Good to see the Titans take care of business against a team they needed to beat.  Fire off your reactions here.  There will be a lot more from this game here tonight and tomorrow.