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Oakland Raiders @ Tennessee Titans : 5 Keys to Victory

1. Shut down Raiders run game. The Raiders starting RB Michael Bush has a broken thumb and is questionable, so Darren McFadden will probably have a more active role. This is bad news for the Raiders, as Bush is clearly the better runner. If we can shut down the run, we will probably be in good shape, considering the Raiders aren't much of a threat through the air either, with the fifth worst passing offense in the league last year. Jason Campbell at quarterback is a significant improvement from JaMarcus Russell.

2. Keep a check on Zach Miller. The tight end is the Raiders best receiver by far. With 805 yards last season leading the team, he had almost 300 yards more than Louis Murphy,  Miller is great all over the field, and is a threat in the red zone. Our pass defense was pretty dismal last season, and Miller will be a good test in Week 1 to see how much the secondary has improved.

3. Hit the ground running. As everyone who even slightly follows the NFL knows, Chris Johnson is the Titans' best weapon, so we will obviously use him to his potential. The Raiders run defense is pitiful, so just keep running like the Titans did last year and we'll be good. CJ has said multiple times that his goal for this season is 2500 yards, and that he wants to open the season with a 200 yard game against the Raiders. That would be awesome.

4. Get good field position. Last year it was very difficult to do this, with no decent returner. Let's see what Marc Mariani and Damian Williams can bring to the table in terms of making the field shorter for Vince Young to work with. The Raiders had the absolute worst kick return coverage in the league last year, allowing 25.7 yards per return.

5. Don't throw towards Nnamdi. Nnamdi Asomugha is widely regarded as one of the best cornerbacks in the game, possibly even the best shutdown corner in the game. It's a good idea to avoid his side of the field completely. The Raiders' Chris Johnson will be starting on the opposite side, who is not even close to the same caliber as Asomugha. There really shouldn't be much point throwing the ball in this game though, considering the Raiders' abysmal run defense.