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Source: Titans WR Kenny Britt Receives Citation Out Past Team Curfew

Channel 2's Christine Maddela just reported via Twitter that Kenny Britt received a citation last night for driving on a revoked license and was out past team curfew. 

Before you launch into how this isn't a big deal, save it because it is.  Britt has shown maturity problems the whole time he has been here.  The whole revoked license thing has come up with him before, and he can't claim that he didn't know about it this time.  Being out past team curfew in training camp is just stupid.

You will get the party line from Jeff Fisher this afternoon about how they will deal with it internally, but we know that Britt has been in Fisher's doghouse before.  This isn't going to help, and that is why it is a big deal.  This will keep Britt from getting on the field even if he performs in practice and preseason games.  Don't believe me?  You just watch.