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Carolina Panthers 15 Tennesee Titans 7: Quick Recap

That was the worst preseason game ever. 

Quick thoughts:

  • Extremely encouraging to see Derrick Morgan out there and getting after the quarterback.  Cory Curtis said Morgan has only participated in six drills in camp.  He also called Jared Cook "Cookie.:
  • Tough night for Damian Williams.  Let a punt go that went for about 80 and fumbled another one.  I thought he had the return job locked up, but now I am not so sure.  Marc Mariani looked good again tonight as a returner and a receiver.
  • Kenny Britt has to get his feet down on that pass on the sideline.  He did make a nice stiff arm later in the game to pick up the first down.
  • Jason Jones is a stud.
  • Michael Roos has a strained knee.  We better hope and pray that he will be ready to go when the season starts because A-Dub's boy Troy Kropog isn't the answer.
  • I am no longer sure that Rusty Smith wouldn't pass through waivers, but he does have a cannon.
  • Jason McCourty had a good night.  He especially looked good coming up against the run.  Alterraun Verner played well minus the one play early where he was beaten over the top.  Luckily Matt Moore missed the receiver.
  • Samkon Gado was in there before LeGarrette Blount again, but Blount looked much better running the ball.  I am now convinced that the third running back is either Blount or someone else on the roster not on the roster.

It is not really surprising to see this effort coming off a short week and at the end of camp.  The best news of all is that there is only one more of these before the games actually matter. 

Great effort in the open game thread tonight!