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Thoughts from Tennessee Titan Alterraun Verner - Week 3- Preseason Game #2

First Start
First Start

Hello MCM fans,

We had a long week of training since we played Saturday and then played again Monday, so it made for an intense week, especially for a couple practices. Things have been heating up with defense and offense looking to be so much more aggressive, especially the last few practices, but this is all making us better.

The past week of training camp has been interesting. Been taking my lumps against the offense, but it has been a constant battle between me and Kenny Britt mostly. I have liked it, and Nate has been good as well, always making me play tight coverage knowing his speed and quickness. I have been able to go with the first team in practice so i was able to get a little chemistry going with those guys and learning from them as I go along. Legs been getting tired due to camp, but I have been able to push through it and start to gear up for the season for what ever role I have to encompass.

The preseason game against the Cardinals went pretty well in the grand scheme of things. I think the offense and defense played extremely well in the beginning of the game with CJ2K and Vince leading the offense down multiple times. They showed some signs of some bright spots and I am liking the promise they are showing. The defense was swarming to the ball, stuffing the run and playing well against the pass. It was definitely unfortunate to not go against Larry Fitzgerald. I really wanted to go against him, one of the best in the game. But hopefully I will get another opportunity. I also thought Marc Mariani and Damian Williams were very productive this game, showing lots of promise in the return game and receiving game. I also felt the play of the game was Lavelle's reverse. His hurdle over the dude was classic. Big shout out to Nick with the interception at the end of the third as well.

As for me, I thought I did pretty well. I had the pleasure to start the game on Monday night and it felt so good! Playing with Tulloch, Griff, and everyone. They helped me out so much in me getting through the game and keeping my confidence up. I've still got a lot to learn and clean up, but overall had a great day. Another opportunity to play this wonderful game of football. The funniest play was when I got creamed by the offensive lineman. it was a reality check that this is the NFL and I can't be hitting all these guys high.

Special prayers go out to Stafon Johnson. I forgot to mention him last week and I feel truly bad. He is a great friend of mine since we went to middle school together and actually ran against each other for school president. Also want to send my prayers to everyone else who is hurt or got hurt this game. Last tidbit, I want to clarify that nobody is out of the running for this corner position and I think Mouton been getting unfair criticism. He is a great player and corner is a tough position. We all make mistakes, sometimes they aren't as visible to the public eye. So the competition is definitely still wide open and it will be exciting who will be getting it towards the end coming up! 

So I am excited to play this next preseason game against the Panthers. Another opportunity to showcase for the Bruins and have some fun. I don't know what my playing time will be or if I will start, but i know I will do the best I can to help the team out however I can. So stay tuned and enjoy this next game as we look to improve and develop even more to this Super Bowl contending team. 

Enjoy your week and God Bless

Alterraun Verner #20