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Thoughts From Tennessee Titan Alterraun Verner -Week 2 - NFL Debut

NFL Debut
NFL Debut

Hello MCM fans and Titans fans. What an exciting week that just took place. I will give you the rundown on practices and my first impression on the team's performances and mine from Saturday.

First of all, week 2 of camp was starting to take its toll on many players on the team. We suffered some injuries including my ankle. But I have bounced back through rehab to still contribute even though it has been pretty tough. Cortland and Vinnie are unfortunately down, which is a shame when you are learning so much from those guys. So at corner it has been particularly rough on us this week with us taking so many reps in practice. But we all can use the extra reps. I think the offense has been looking good and Nate Washington has still be giving me a run for my money. His speed is pretty impressive. We have definitely been trying to be physical against each other. We started to welcome the return of Tye Hill and I can't wait to see him go out there and ball soon also! 

Defensively I have been liking our aggression in practice and I can just see the hunger in almost everyone's eyes. We are going to do something special on that side of the ball. I definitely feel that way! We still have some learning, especially from me, but we are excited about the process. 

Now on to the preseason game, which was just extremely exciting. Finally able to put on the official gear of the Titans!!!! Seeing the #20 jersey and the slick blue pants got me so fired up in the locker room. Seeing the equipment and everything was almost overwhelming. From the national anthem, which is the first time I have heard it before a game in a long time, till the end I was just having fun playing a game I love. I felt my performance was decent, but I still have a lot to build on from this game and I am looking forward to that challenge. 

I felt that our offense put up a great effort and they will be a force this year, mainly because of CJ. But Vince Young looked impressive to me as well. So I am definitely excited to see them more and more and when they start opening up their playbook as well. 

Defensively I thought we played well too, just had little assignment miscues that can be coached. but people were making plays. Mouton nice interception, J-Mac making plays all over the field, Tulloch was flying around. Everyone was contributing and we were flying around like in practice. 

Overall, a successful preseason opener despite the loss. You never want to go home with an L, but I think we showed "growth" (Mike Griff voice). That is all you can ask for. I am excited to play against the Cardinals next, but in the meantime, I got to go against our receivers a little bit more in an attempt to get both of our groups better! Hope everyone has a blessed weekend!


Alterraun Verner #20