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Seattle Seahawks 20 Tennessee Titans 18 Recap

First off it was good to see football again.  It feels like it has been forever since the last trip to Seattle.

Secondly, thoughts and prayers go out to Stafon Johnson.  He is a guy that we were all pulling for after he overcame the freak injury he suffered at USC.  Right now all we know is that he has a dislocated ankle, and that his season is more than likely over.  Hopefully he will be able to come back and make a run at it next season.

The first team offense was very impressive on the first drive.  It was nice to see them take the ball right down the field.  I could have done without Chris Johnson getting 3 goal line carries, but those were the only 3 hits he took so that is good.

Vince Young threw a pick on the second drive, but not a big deal because in a game he tucks the ball and runs in the same situation. 

The first team defense looked pretty good.  Jason McCourty only played with the first team while Ryan Moutonand Alterraun Verner played a lot in the second half.  That tells me that McCourty is the leader in the clubhouse to start opposite Cortland Finnegan.  Mouton had a pick but looked bad on a couple of plays.  All Alterraun Verner does is make plays.  MCM Karma?

A few quick observations after the jump.

  • Javon Ringer is a solid #2 running back.  He obviously doesn't have the explosiveness of CJ2K but is a good runner.
  • Chris Simms is not an NFL QB.
  • Rusty Smith has a cannon. I am not ready to appoint him leader of the free world, but there is no question that he has an NFL arm.
  • Mike Williams isn't fat anymore.
  • Paul Williams is still on the roster.
  • Mike Heimerdinger is not going to be very happy with the inability to get a play off in the 2nd half.
  • Rusty Smith made a nice read and throw on the 2 point conversion play.  Then made a terrible read and throw on the last drive.
  • Gerald McRath looked really good.  There is no doubt they will miss him the first month of the season.